Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Part 1 of My Nail Polish Collection!

LtoR: Blue Island Iced Tea, Awakening, Passion in the Pacific, Flying Dragon(neon), Custom Kicks, Atlantis(Natural Lighting)
LtoR: Flying Dragon, Custom Kicks and Atlantis
LtoR: Blue Island Iced Tea, Awakening, Passion in the Pacific

 I was thinking of what to blog about and thought I have not done a blog showing my nail polish collection so, here is part 1 to my nail polish collection. I wanted to start with my beautiful China Glaze Collection that I have just started to buy online as they are not sold in Ireland. I love these China Glaze nail polishes and am so happy I bought these and I can not wait to buy more.
These nail polishes are great quality and are so beautiful. I have a great long list of colors I would love to get. If you want to see any swatches most of these are on my blog. I still have to do Atlantis but I am waiting to wear it on a nice sunny day to show you its beauty. :)
I hope this was interesting and if there is anything you want to know please just leave a comment and I will try my best to answer. Keep a look out for Part 2.
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~Ashley~ xxx


  1. I love China Glaze too. Did you get the crackles yet?

  2. I have Awakening and it has fast become one of my faves! I got Sea Spray last week as well and am planning on getting the Pink Crackle :)

  3. @Kimberly i love china glaze too. I havn't got the crackles yet. I really want them though the person i buy from on ebay hasn't got them yet. :(
    @Lara ya awakening is great and i seen you go the sea spay i have that one on my list too. :) I would love to try the pink crackle too.