Monday, August 30, 2010

Look at this 2 Luscious Liquid Lipsticks are they the same?

Left to Right: Pink Lemonade and Rasberry
Left to Right: Rasberry and Pink Lemonade

These are the Lucious Liquid Lipsticks in Rasberry and Pink Lemonade. When I saw these 2 I thought at first I got 2 of the same kind. So I decided to swatch them and see and then try and figure out which one I got. After I swatched them I knew I didn't get 2 of the same kind. Wow do they ever look so similar in the tubes. When you put them on though they are different. Rasberry is a very redish color were as pink lemonade is deep pink. They both smell very good and are not sticky.

My 7th E.L.F Order!

I forgot to put this picture up. (Punk Purple, Pearl, Hot Pink, Dark Navy, Fluoresent Pink, Moonlight, and Fire coral)

Here is my 7th e.l.f order I recieved it today. I ordered it on Wednesday and today is Monday so that is really fast. I was really happy with the packaging. It came wrapped in so much bubble wrap. Nothing was broken so that made me so happy. I LOVE E.L.F SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to use it all.

The products I recieved from left to right top to bottom:

-Daily brush cleaner, Runway Pink, Natural Nymph, Candy lip tin in Coconut and Candy Fix

-Brightening eye color in Nymph Dreams, Day 2 Night, Therapeutic Lip Balm in Vanilla

-Studio Bronzer in Golden Bronzer, Studio Blush in Fuchsia Fusion and Candid Coral, Plum eyeliner, Tone Correcting Concealer in Light Beige, Studio Powder Brush

-Brightening eye colors in Butternut, Hazy Hazel, Ivy, Luscious Liquid Lipsticks in Rasberry, Pink Lemonade, Hypershine Lip Gloss in Flirt

-Super Glossy Lip Shine in Goddess and Watermelon, Plumong Lip Glaze in Champagne, Liquid eyeshadows in Berrylicious and Sultry Satin

-Eyelid Primer(unopened because i already have one open)

I am going to be putting swatches up very soon!! If there is anything you would like to see let me know THANX :)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

My 7th E.L.F Order coming SOON!

Here is what I have ordered on Wednesday the 25th of August with the free shipping offer. I will get this order on Monday(hopefully) because Ireland doesn't have a bank holiday and it has never taken more then 3 days to get to me. If you are interested in seeing any swatches or close up pictures please let me know and when I get my order i will do that for you. I will be taking a picture of my products but to fit it all it will be a far away picture I might take 2 so its a bit closer. So thats why I am putting this up and asking you lovely ladies if there is any swatches or a product you want to see very close up. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

Daily Brush Cleaner £ 3.50

Liquid Eyeshadow
Berrylicious £ 1.50

Golden Bronzer £ 3.50

Brightening Eye Color
Nymph Dreams £ 1.50

Brightening Eye Color
Hazy Hazel £ 1.50

super glossy lip shine spf 15
Watermelon £ 1.50

Powder Brush £ 3.50

Liquid Eyeliner
Plum £ 1.50

Runway Pink £ 3.50

Therapeutic conditioning lip balm
Vanilla Crème £ 1.50

Luscious liquid lipstick
NEW - Rasberry £ 1.50

Tone Correcting Concealer
Light Beige £ 1.50

Brightening Eye Color
Ivy £ 1.50

Brightening Eye Color
Butternut £ 1.50

Luscious liquid lipstick
Pink Lemonade £ 1.50

Hypershine lip gloss
Flirt £ 1.50

Plumping lip glaze
Champagne £ 1.50

Brightening Eye Color
NEW - Day 2 Night £ 1.50

Super glossy lip shine spf 15
Goddess £ 1.50

Candy Shop Lip Tins
Candy Fix £ 1.50

Candy Shop Lip Tins
Crazed Coconut £ 1.50

Liquid Eyeshadow
Sultry Satin £ 1.50

Eyelid Primer (Sheer) £ 1.50

Nail Polish
Fluorescent Pink £ 1.50

Nail Polish
Pearl £ 1.50

Nail Polish
Dark Navy £ 1.50

Nail Polish
Fire Coral £ 1.50

Nail Polish
Hot Pink £ 1.50

Nail Polish
Punk Purple £ 1.50

Nail Polish
Moonlight £ 1.50

Candid Coral £ 3.50

Fuchsia Fusion £ 3.50

Nicely Nude£ 3.50

I can't wait!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 Things Tag :)

Sorry followers I have been so busy I am behind and going to try to do a blog every other day.
So here we go I was Taged to do this blog by Every Beauty Addict's Bible so thank you so much. This is my first tag so im so excited to do this.

4 things in my bag

1.My pink sunglass holder with my sunglasses in it. :)
2. My makeup bag
3. My wallet
4.My mobile

4 things in my purse(wallet)

1.Credit Card
2.Pictures of my kids
3.Debit Card

4 things in my bedroom

1.My husband and I's bed
2.My Makeup Desk
3.My Wordrobe
4.My shoes

4 things i've always wanted to do

2.Be a good youtube guru :)
3.Work for a makeup company
4.Have wonderful children (have)

4 things im currently into

2.Home and away
3.Nail polish

4 things i bet you didn't know about me

1.Had my ears peirced since i was 6 months
2.I like the Backstreet Boys
3.Misses my family in Canada
4.I love to paint walls

4 songs i can't get out of my head

1.Parachute-Cheryl Cole
2.Somebody to Love- Justin Bieber ft. Usher
3.Need you Know-Lady Antebellum
4.Look for me- Chipmunk

And finally I tag...
1.Eye to the Keyhole
2.Kisses and Makeup
3.Make-Up & Beauty
4.Makeup by Daniela

Rules: Once tagged, you must link the person who tagged you and tag 4 other bloggers and let them know they have been tagged :) Give four answers to each question asked.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My New E.L.F Products!

Here are 3 products that e.l.f sent me to try and give a review on so I am going to do that. Just because these products were given to me to try I am still going to give a honest opinion. I have had these products for 5 days I have used them all. The Tickled Pink Blush from the studio line I am so happy with. I have used it 3 times since i got it and i love the color so much. Its such a soft color but you can build it up if you want to make it brighter. I have very pale skin and it looks great on me. If you have tried the natural radience blushers from the basic line those blushes i love as well but they are very powdery. The studio blushes are not powdery they are perfect. I really am happy with the tickled pink blush and I really want to get more of the studio blushes now. The packaging looks so profectional and sleek. Now onto the other 2 products the Minty Lip Gloss in Miami and the Mineral Booster in Shimmer. The Minty Lip Gloss is Miami is such a nice color not to pigmented though. It smells like mint so if you don't like mint you won't like these. I absolutley love the mint smell and it reminds me of the smell of the plumping lip glazes from the basic line. The taste of the lig gloss is alright i have had way worse. It kind of tastes like mint which isn't to bad. I like this product and want to try others colors because i would like one with more color to it. Now the mineral booster in shimmer is good but i need more coverage then just it. I think I might not know how to use it quite right. I saw a girl use it over top of the mineral booster in tinted and it made a nice noticable difference to her skin.I might have to use the 2 together to make it work not sure. To me I think its okay but I need more coverage because of my skin problems. If anyone has any advice to me on how to use the product to make it better let me know. Thank you. I hope this was helpful to everyone that reads this. Thank you to E.L.F for giving me the opportunity to try some of there products and give a honest opinion. I am so thankful. I really want to get E.L.F known better in Ireland. ~Ashley~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lipstick Help!!!

Left to right top to bottom: Essence- Frosted and Sparkling Romance, Natural Collection- Candy Mist and Sweet Pea
Hi followers I am trying to expand my lipstick collection but to be totally honest I am not to much of a lipstick girl I love lipgloss more but I think it is this way because I am not to sure on what looks good on me and what doesn't. So I am asking for your help to help me find some new lipstick that will suit me. I love pink lipglosses and lipsticks so I took a picture of 4 lipsticks I wear alot because I love the colors. I want to get some lipsticks from E.L.F but not to sure what colors to get what do you think??? Thank-you for reading and please leave a comment if you have any ideas. :)

Trying to find a duplicate of this! :)

I am doing this blog because I am trying to see if anyone knows of a duplicate of this M.A.C lipglass in Nymphette. I love this color so much but would love to fine something very close to this. The color is pink with a gold reflect in it.If you have any ideas please leave a comment I would really appreciate it. Thank-you so much. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Natural Collection eyeshadows!

Left to right top to bottom: Barley, White Opal, Willow, Astroid, Moonshine, CandyFloss, Sky, Aqua Shimmer, Mermaid, Spring Green, Lilac Shimmer.

Here is my Natural Collection single eyeshadows. I couldn't believe how cheap these eyeshadows were so I bought all of the colors I liked. I bought these a while ago I think they were under 3 euro each. I think they have some new ones I am not 100% sure about that I am going to have to go to boots and have a look. I really like a few of these but some of them are not very pigmented. If anyone is interested in swatches for any of the colors please just leave a comment and I will do the swatches. You can get these eyeshadows from most boots.

The colors I am happy with and use alot are: Barley, White Opal(I use this alot in the corner of my eyes), Willow, Astroid, and Aqua Shimmer.
Thanx for having a look and reading I hope this was helpful and leave a comment if you have any questions. :) ASHLEY

Friday, August 6, 2010

Here Is My Swatches Of The Amazing Shimmering Facial Whips!!

From left to right top to bottom: Toasted, Camilia, Persimmon, Pink Lemonade,
Spotlight, Golden peach, Citrus and Lilac Petal

This is my swatches for the amazing shimmering facial whips. I really really really LOVE these. I use these alot for a base on my eyes or even just alone on my eyes as an eyeshadow. The spotlight one i use as a highlight. My favorite one of them all is the lilac petal one its such a gorgeous color. I hope this helps you out in seeing the true color these pictures are in natural light.

My 3rd E.L.F nail polish swatch.

Here is my 3rd set of swatches for my e.l.f nail polishes. This is all of them for now. I am planning to buy more nail polish real soon. So i hope this is really helpful. These 3 nail polishes are new to the e.l.f UK site and each nail polish is only 2 coats so you could put a 3rd coat on and make it more vibrant.

From Left to Right: Lilac, Mint cream and Innocent. I love these 3 nail polishes but i was hoping that the innocent one would have a bit more of a pinky tone to it. Innocent would be a great color to wear on a wedding day its so beautiful.

Thank you for having a look. ~Ashley~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2nd E.L.F Nail Polish Swatches!

Here is the 2nd nail polish swatches.

-From left to right: Coral, Royal Purple, Champagne and Burgandy(1 coat each) ~Ashley~

Monday, August 2, 2010

The way i use Liquid eyeshadows from E.L.F.

Here is a way that i use the liquid eyeshadows from e.l.f. To be honest the first time i put the liquid eyeshadow on i didn't like it at all. It was not going on very nice so i thought i would try it as a eyeliner instead and wow did it work much better and it stayed on all day without smearing. I have the cream dream one and the misty mauve. So in this picture i am using the cream dream liquid eyeshadow from e.l.f with mocha eyeshadow from the compacts above it. I am going to say i was not going to buy the other colors from the liquid eyeshadows but now i am going to and use them as an eyeliner instead. LOL :) ~Ashley~