Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yuk Lui Style's Giveaway!!!

Here is a great giveaway you should check out!! Nicole of Yuk Lui Style is having a great giveaway for her 20th Birthday. If you want to check it out go its international go HERE!!!

Best of luck to all!!!


E.L.F is having FREE Shipping!!!!

E.L.F is having there free shipping offer today for hitting the 155 000 Likes on Facebook! Way to go E.L.F!
 FREE SHIPPING TODAY on! Please use codes ZIPSHIPUK (UK orders) or ZIPSHIPEU (EU orders). Please choose your shipping options before using entering the code at checkout for the code to work.

A minimum purchase of £10 (before shipping) is required and the offer expires at 9am (UK time) Friday 29 April 2011. Enjoy :)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haul from Essence and Wet N Wild things I found!

Here is a Haul of a few items I bought a little over a week ago and keep forgetting to do a blog about it.
Here is the few things I bought from Essence and this pic was taken in the natural daylight.

L to R top to bottom: W&W Nail polish in Sparked and Kalidoscope, pressed powder, blue eyeliner, Dress to Kill and Make me Holo nail polishes, eyeshadow in Hot Spot, dual eyeshadows in Perfect Match and Summer Flirt, and the lipstick is This Is Me

Click on all the pics to see lager

I went into a  pharmacy and saw that a lot of the Essence items were on sale for 50% off .So I went and had a look. The Top coat Make me Holo was 1.99 euro but all the rest were only 1 euro. I think these items are discontinued so I am glad I went and got them now. The 4 Wet N Wild items I found were in a little shop and were 2 for 3 euro so I got 4 but my son wrecked the lipstick so I never got to take a picture of it. I thought these 2 Wet N Wild nail polishes were so pretty so i had to have. :) I wish I could find a place that sells Wet N Wild I would love to be able to buy more from them. I love when I find a deal on already cheap makeup and makeup I like to buy and try. I hope this was not boring and thanx for reading. If you want to see any swatches of any of these items please let me know and I will get that done for you. :)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Konad-licious's Sigma Premium Travel Brush Kit Giveaway!

Konad-licious is having a great giveaway. This is a giveaway you should check out!! The Premium travel Kit is worth $59 USD and comes in the stylish Black color. This giveaway is open Internationally. Giveaway closes the 25th of May 2011. If you are interested check it out HERE!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

China Glaze Awakening!!

China Glaze Awakening in natural day light.

Sorry my nails are in bad shape from gardening!

Here is a gorgeous color that my husband bought for me off of eBay. China Glaze Awakening is such a gorgeous color I couldn't really get a great picture of it as the day was a little dull for light. This color is such a pretty pink with a bit of a gold hue to it. I am loving this color for the spring and I will be wearing it for the summer too. If you want to see the pics better click on them to enlarge them. I hope this was helpful.


The Real Polish Princess's First Giveaway!!!

OPI Silver Shatter

Here is a great giveaway that Sam of The Real Polish Princess Blog is having. This giveaway is for one bottle of Silver Shatter. If you want a chance to win one go check it out HERE. This is open internationally and Ends April 29th.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Mon Coin A Moua's 1000+ Giveaway!

I just came across this today and wanted to let all my follwers know. If you like nail polish you should check this giveaway out and her blog. This giveaway is open internationally and Ends April 30th. If you are interested and want to enter click HERE
Wow what a great giveaway!!  :)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish From Essence!

Here is the color I got to try
Sorry for the short nails and sores on my fingers as I have been doing a lot of gardening :)
All pictures were taken in natural day light.

Okay I have been looking for this for so long now as its hard to find Essence makeup displays that are up to date. They only had this color left. So i love the color and when it works it looks really neat on my nails. You can make 3 different designs up and down, sideways and at a slant. I can't seem to get the up and down look to work and you really have to put the magnet so close to your nails and hold it for 40 seconds to make it work ( if you look at my pointer finger thats not putting the magnet close enough). Also you put a quick layer of nail polish on and really fast you have to get the magnet over top and close but don't put to much nail polish on and not to little. This is a really neat nail polish and the color is gorgeous but its tricky to use at first but with a few tries you will get it. The stay power is not to great about 2 days. I am happy I got it and was able to try it. I do love the color of the nail polish. Well I hope this was helpful and thanks for reading.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GEO Blue BS-202 Contact Lenses!(Loads of Pics & Review)

Here is how my lovely lenses came.(Click on the pics to make bigger)
Here are what the lenses look like
Me with my contacts in.
All these pics are in natural daylight.

Looking up
Here I am with 1 in and 1 out so you can see how they change my eye.

Okay how should I start this.... I have been wanting to try contacts for years now and I am so happy Karyan from gave me this opportunity to try a pair out and review it. I love these and want more colors to try out. These make my eyes look so much bigger like doll eyes and are comfortable to wear. I was hoping they would make my eyes more blue but I still like them and can't wait to try some that change my eye color more drastically. I have fairly dark brown eyes and can't wait to try green ones, grey ones and another blue pair. This is the first time I have ever worn lenses and it took me a few tries to get them in but when they are in they don't bother my eyes at all. These lenses are thin and feel good when I wear them and I love how they make my eyes look so big. 

This online site its a great place to get contacts as the prices are really good and they have Free WorldWide Shipping. Karyan is really helpful and kind and answered any question I had.So Thank you so much Karyan for everything.
I am already making a list of all the ones I would love to try.If you are interested in check this site out go to
Also if you haven't seen I have a discount code for all my lovely followers to get 10% off your order just put the code: ASHLEYTIERNAN

THANX to Karyan and for this great opportunity to try and review these contacts.

Have you ever tried contacts and if so from where and what color? Also what colors would you like to try?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My 100 Followers Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Wow I am so excited to have 100 followers and to also have a great giveaway. I have joined the Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program and as part of the program, I was eligible to receive the Sigma travel E25 Blending Brush and also to have a giveaway to give this brush to one of my lovely followers. Who ever wins the brush I will be contacting you by email for your name and address and Sigma will be sending this lovely brush out to the winner.

If you are interested in winning this brush from Sigma here is what you have to do:

1. Be a public follower of my blog (leave your GFC name in the comment please and if you are following privately I can't see your name so you have to be a public follower.)
2.Include everything in one comment please
3.Tell me if you have ever tried Sigma brushes or not and if yes what brushes do you like?
3. Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.
4.For an Extra entry make a sidebar or a blog post about this giveaway on your blog and leave the link. THANKS

This giveaway is open internationally and will end May 4th! If you are under 18 you need to have parental permission. Also after I contact the winner they will have 48 hours to contact me or I will have to pick another winner. I will be using to find out the winner.

Best of Luck to all my followers and Thank you so much for following me.

~Ashley~ xoxoxo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Soon To Have A 100 Followers Giveaway!

As I am 1 away from 100 followers I am going to have a giveaway. Sigma is sending me there Travel Size E25 Blending brush to review and they are also going to send one to the lucky winner of my giveaway. I will be doing the giveaway in the next few days so look out for it. Thank you to all my followers and keep your eyes out for my 100 followers giveaway.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

China Glaze Blue Island Ice Tea

China Glaze- Blue Island Ice Tea
Natural Daylight

Here is my first China Glaze nail polish. Yes I know you can't believe this is my first one. Well I have been looking so hard to find China Glaze nail polish in Ireland and I can't so I looked very hard on eBay to find China Glaze and OPI for a good price. I did and added a few colors on my wishlist and my lovely husband bought me 2 china glaze nail polishes from eBay. SO Happy as I have been wanting to try China Glaze for so long now. My husband bought Blue Island Ice Tea as a surprise for me and then a few days later bought me another one and I can't wait to get it. I am so happy because not only was the seller so quick for shipping as I got this nail polish for around 5.50 euro and that's with shipping. I am so happy because it only took 7 days to get to me all the way from the US. OPI nail polishes from this seller are half the price I would pay here in Ireland and that's with shipping. I pay around 12 euro for a OPI here in Ireland and i could get an OPI from this eBay seller for just over 6 euro with shipping WOW.

Okay for this gorgeous color I put on 2 coats and the picture was taken in natural daylight. I love this color its so beautiful. I didn't wear this color for to long I think. I wore it for 2 days and then I took it off to do another nail swatch on essences magnetic nail polish which I am going to be doing a blog about in the next 2 days.

So I think I have found a new favorite nail polish brand well other then e.l.f nail polish. hehehe :)

What are your favourite colors from China Glaze?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Glitz & Glams Giveaway!!

One lucky fan will get their very own 'Naughty In Black' travel pack! If you want to win this awesome prize you should really check this out HERE!!! 

**Contest closes once Glitz & Glam reach 1100 subscribers on their Facebook page***

the secret life of a wannabe diva's Giveaway

Here is a great giveaway you should really check out! This is a International giveaway and Ends April 27th. If you are interested and have a blog of your own click on HERE!!

Save 50% on Surprise Gift Bag!‏

Save 50% on Surprise Gift Bag!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Are You Interested In Trying Contacts!

I have been wanting to try contacts for years now and I came across this great site.
You should really check out this site as they have great deals on contacts and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING !!!

If you are going to order I would really appreciate it if you use my code and you get 10% off your order too. I have been talking to this lovely lady Karyan and she is so nice and so quick to answer back to emails. Please let me know if you use my code and what you got I would love to know. :)

I can't wait to receive my contacts and show you how they look. :) Please check out this site.




I am so sorry I have not been on for a little while. I am back and all is good I was having some down time and dealing with some personal issues. Thank you so much for sticking with me. I will try and do a little haul here today.

I have one question for you my lovely followers and that is: What kind of blogs do you like to read and would like to see me do?



Friday, April 1, 2011

Beneath The Sun's 400+ Giveaway!!

Here is a great giveaway by Tara from Beneath The Sun blog this giveaway is open till April the 6th. If you are interested it is open international and you can go to her blog and check out the rules and how to enter. Click HERE