Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review on E.L.F 's Eyelash Curler & Studio Mascara

Here is a Review I have been meaning to do for a while now. I have had these 2 products for a few weeks and really want to tell you what I think about them. -I am going to start with the eyelash curler. When I first got it I was like wow this is going to be so different to what I am use to. My old eyelash curler doesn't have a spring in it. When I went to try this out I was so careful when pulling the curler together on my eyelashes but WOW this is a great eyelash curler. It really does a good job and is easy to use. I like the spring in it. I wasn't so sure of the spring at first but I really recommend this eyelash curler. The other awesome thing about this is that is comes with an extra silicone rubber pad. This eyelash curler really help to curl the lashes. Also its only £1.50 that is a great price.
-The next product is the Waterproof Lengthening And Volumising Mascara. I have been wanting to try this out for so long but for some reason just kept putting it off. So i decide to give it a go. When I first saw this mascara I was like wow this has a huge handle on it. You don't get a lot of product but you are getting a great product that you don't have to put much of it on and it gives me great looking lashes and its so affordale at £3.50. It stayes on all day so the waterproof works well. It makes my lashes look very long and full so it is a great mascara.
-If you are interested in these products go to for the UK & Europe and for U.S.A & Canada

THANX ~Ashley~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

E.L.F's New 11pcs Studio Glitter Brush Collection!

Here is a limited time 11 piece brush collection from e.l.f. They just launched this today and I am not to sure on how long these will last. They look so gorgeous I love the look of the glitter on them. All I can say is WOW!!!!! So there is only a limited time stock on these and they are priced at £38.50. If you like what you see got to
Hurry before they are gone. :)


100 piece eyeshadow palette there is also a 32 piece eyeshadow palette
the 100 piece is £15 and the 32 piece is £9 great deals
This is the Party eyeshadow palette and its £3.50 and there is a Natural one as well.
If you want these really bad like i do go to for Europe
or for America and Canada
I can not wait to get these and try them out and let you know what i think.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

9th e.l.f order!

Remember you want the picture bigger click on it :)
Left to Right: Silver liquid eyeliner, Honey Do supper glossy lip shine, Light Beige powder, Purple cream eyeliner, & Plum/Purple eyeliner and shadow stick

Wow am I so excited to try all of these. The powder, eyeliner and shadow stick, and cream eyeliner are all products I have never tried. I was so excited about the cream eyeliner and eyeliner shadow stick the most because I am really into Purple at the moment. To be honest I am still happy with the cream eyeliner and the eyeliner part of the stick. I am not so happy with the shadow part of the eyeliner and shadow stick. Why?? The color to me is more like a light brown then a light purple. So i am a little sad with that I actually thought when I swatched it the product was wrong and I had to ask OxfordJasmine to do a swatch for me. Other then that I am happy and excited to use these in a look.
If you want to see a swatch of the products leave a comment below and I will do that for you.

THANX ~Ashley~

Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes another E.L.F Order! :)

From Left to Right: Purple Pleaser, Passion Pink, Smokey Brown and Mango Madness

Yes another E.L.F order what can I say I love e.l.f makeup so much. :)
From the left to the right: lipsticks in Gypsy, Classy, & Seductive, Nail Polish in Purple Pleaser, Passion Pink, Mango Madness, & Smokey Brown, Ethereal, Precious Pink eyeliner, Waterproof mascara, and Pink Kiss Super Glossy Lip Shine.
Click on pictures if you want to see them bigger. :)
I am very happy with all the products and can't wait to get my next order. :)
I will be doing a review on the Waterproof Mascara and the one thing I forgot in the picture is the eyelash curler I will be talking about that too. So watch for those real soon.
THANX ~Ashley~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New E.L.F Lipsticks!

Left to right on both pics:Gypsy, Classy and Seductive

Here are 3 of the new e.l.f lipsticks from the basic line.

To start off when I saw the colors for the first time i was like wow those colors are so not what i was expecting. :) But when I swatched then and then put them on my lips I actually liked the colors on me. Which is great. They are so moisturizing when you put them on. I am really happy I bought these and will be wearing them alot. The packaging is not the best but i do like how when the lid is on you can see the product. So I would have to say out of 5 i would give this good product a 4.5 because they are moisturizing, the smell is all right, they are totally affordable and the color lasts for a good long time. The only thing is the packing is a little to cheap looking and feeling. I really say that if you have not picked up any of these you should they are great.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Products I have bought in the last few weeks!

Here are a some items I have bought over the last few weeks. I took this picture with my new camera and I also took it so I remember which items I need to talk about on youtube. I wanted to put this up to let you know I will be doing a video on youtube about them real soon. I will post the link to that video on here when it is uploaded. I love all these products and can do a review on any item if you have any requests for me to talk about any of these products please leave a comment below and I will get that done.

A few things I would like to say is wow have i become a little in love with W7 products. I found them in a pharmacy in Sligo and the parmacy is called Cara Pharmacy. I also got a few nail polishes which i already did a blog about a little while ago. The W7 nail polishes are amazing. So if you are interested in looking at that blog its called New Nail polishes. Anyway all these new items i bought are great for the price the items start as low as 99 cent and go to 2.99 euro. I am missing a few items in the picture but when i do the video i will put the link to the video on this blog so you can watch it. Thanx

Here is my NEW Camera :)

Here is me with my new camera I believe this camera is going to give me clearer pictures and really great HD videos for Youtube. I really can't wait to start using it.