Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Geo Nudy Golden Blue Contacts from DBeautyShop


Natural light
close up with flash
 Here are my new contacts that were given to me by dbeautyshop I really like these. I was hoping they would be more blue but they turn out to be a grayish with a hint of green on my medium brown eyes. I like how they look on my eyes and they are pretty comfortable after they are in for a few minutes. The size is nice and don't make my eyes look to big and they look more natural from a little distance. I like that they don't have a large black circle on the outer rime of the contact I think that's what makes it look more natural. I am really happy with these contacts and the do start to dry out my eyes after about 5 hours of wear but then I just put eye drops in and they work for a little while longer.
Water Content:
Base Curve:
Life Span:
1 Year

 Well I want to say a big thank you to dbeautyshop for sending me these contacts to review. If you want to give these a try and see how nice they look on your eyes, go to  
I can't wait to get more contacts to try and see how well they look and feel on my eyes. :)

Thank you for reading and please have a look at this great site for contacts.



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