Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NOTD China Glaze Passion In The Pacific!

China Glaze- Passion In The Pacific (natural light)
(Window light)
(natural window light)

   Here is China Glaze Passion in the Pacific. I bought this color off of ebay as China Glaze nail polish is not in Ireland. China Glaze Passion In the Pacific is from the Spring 2006 Fiji Fling Collection. I love this color so much its such a great color for summer. The color is a shimmery turqouise. I can't wait to try this on my toes too and see how it looks.
I love China Glaze nail polish so much I have been spending a lot of money on there nail polishes because I have to order them from the states, but they are totally worth it. In the photos I have no top coat on to show you how it looks when it is dry. I hope this was helpful for anyone wanting to know what this color looks like.


~Ashley~ xxx


  1. Pretty!! I'm hooked on China Glaze as well as a treat for myself I'm going to get three more off ebay as well :) I usually get mine from this seller cos they're the cheapest:

  2. Aww thanx Lara. I am hooked too and I bought from that seller for 2 of mine too. :)