Monday, August 29, 2011

Im home from my long vacation!

So sorry I have not been doing blog posts. I just got back from going to Canada to help my mom. I will start doing blog posts again starting tomorrow or on Wednesday. My little girl is starting school on Wednesday so I have been trying to get all her things ready. I am so thankful you all have stayed with me and are still following.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eyelashes from to Review

First pair are ES A009 Click here to see them on the sites page
$5.23 USD
Me wearing the ES A009 Eyelashes
ES A009
Second Pair  ES A29 Click here to go to the eyelashes on the site.
$4.90 USD
ES A29 wearing the eyelashes

Here is 2 sets of eyelashes from
Both of these eyelashes are comfortable when you apply them correctly to your eyes. I like the look of both of them. I like the first pair better as I like how they look more natural then the second pair. The KKcenterHK have lots of eyelashes to choose from and I love to try new styles of eyelashes. This site doesn't only do eyelashes they have makeup and palettes, wigs, nail items and more.
If you are really into wearing eyelashes this is a great site to get them from. Great communication and great prices. Both of these packs of eyelashes are comfortable to wear and look great on too.
 If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer them.


Monday, August 1, 2011

NOTD NUBAR Rasberry Truffle and some News!!


(Natural Light)

Here is a quick nail of the day of a new nail polish I bought a week ago. This is my first Nubar nail polish and I love it. It applies nice, dries quickly and last a good amount of time.  I tried to get the true color of the nail polish but it was had its a gorgeous deep deep red with like a rasberry colored glitter. This nail polish is so pretty in the sunlight.

I will be going to Canada in 3 days for 3 weeks and ill be very busy while I am there. I am going to help my mom after her surgury. I am hoping I can get on my blog a bit while I am there and I will let you know how I am and when I buy things there I will try and do some haul blogs. I hope I can take some nice pictures of where I am and put them on here. So please keep following me as I know I havn't been on my blog to much as I am getting ready to leave and I will be trying my best to keep up on my blog while I am gone.

ALSO: My blog is 1 year old as of a few days ago so thank you so much to all of you lovely followers for staying with me and following me. I love to read your comments and try my best to do good  reviews to help you out. I hope you keep following as I am so happy to have you all.