Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vivo Blush and Highlighter Duo Review with Swatches

Here is a review of some blushes I am loving so much right now. 
LtoR: Sweet Peach & Pink Primrose

 I am loving these so much they are really nice blushes. If you want to see why else I love them please check out my yotube video of them below. Thanx
Here is the video to see more of an in depth review on these Blushes.

Thank you so much


Monday, August 12, 2013

NOTD FashionistA Polish

Here is my nail polish of the day. 
This is a gorgeous color from FashionistA the color is Mystical Dragon. 
This color applies nicely but i would wear a base under the polish just in case it stains your nails.   
Here is this gorgeous color.

These polishes are only £1.50 right now. They are normally £5.00

I have another color on its way I will do a nail of the day when it arrives. 
Let me know if you like my nail of the days and want to see more as I have lots of polish to show you.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Video of Look Beauty Makeup!

Here is a video of Look Beauty Makeup that was sent to me to try and review. This is my honest opinion on this makeup and just because it was given to me to review im not just going to say its all awesome. Hope this is awesome and Please if you like go to to check out even more of there makeup as they look like they have so much awesome stuff.

If you watched this video thank you so much and if you liked it please subscribe and also follow this page. CHEERS