Saturday, October 29, 2011

NYC NOTD! (Picture Heavy)

Here is a swatch and a nail art.
2 coats (natural light)
My nail art

 Here is a quick nail art I did a few days ago and could of been better. I used my new nail art nail polishes and not use to it yet. I really hope you like this and maybe gives you some ideas to do on your nails.
Also the NYC nail polish in Ink Stain is a very nice blue and looks nice with the e.l.f matte finisher polish over it.  If you want to try the e.l.f Matte Finisher Nail Polish go here:

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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2 Catrice Eyeshadows with Swatches!

Don't Drink and Dive, I Like Lilac
(Flash) Click on all pics to enlarge
Here are the 2 eyeshadows I got from Catrice for only €1, well my husband actually got them for me. :)
I have used the teal blue color and it lasted all day with e.l.f s eyelid primer. Love the teal blue color and the purple is nice but i have not used it yet. These eyeshadows are very pigmented and seem to last a long time without having to reapply.
Have you tried any of these and if so what did you think and what color is your favourite?


Monday, October 24, 2011

Catrice, NYC, Kiss & More Haul

Kiss Nail Art
NYC- Ink Stain, NYC- Long Time Lavender, Miners-Molten, Catrice- Don't Drink and Dive, Wild and Crazy- Bahama Water & Catrice-I Like Lilac 

Here is a few items my husband picked up for me a few days ago. I was so surprised on all the items he got for me. I have never tried any Catrice eyeshadows before so this was nice to get 2 colors I love. All the nail polishes are great to get to as I love nail polish and my husband knows it. I will be doing swatches and nail looks with all these items real soon.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

E.L.F Natural Radiance Blushers Review and Swatches!

Here are the 5 blushers I have from this line.

LtoR: Glow, Coy, Shy, Flushed and Innocence (Flash)
(Natural Light) Sorry Glow broke

 What E.L.F Say:
Exquisite, delicate, pigment  that makes cheeks radiant combined with a healthy-looking glow.  Infused with texturizing agents, skin feels smooth and pores are minimised.

What I Say:
These blushers are good if used carefully. As you can see from my pictures they brake easily. They are powdery as well so when taking your brush to them use a light hand. These blushers are very pigmented and last a good time on. I like these blushers but wish they had better packaging as I love the colors and the payoff. For only £1.50 or €1.70  these are good blushes just the packaging is a little cheap and you have to be careful or they will brake.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions please ask.
Have you tried these and if so whats your favourite color?

Friday, October 21, 2011

E.L.F Studio Blush Review and Swatches!

Here are the 5 blushes I own from the Studio range by E.L.F.
TtoB, LtoR: Blushing Rose, Pink Passion, Tickled Pink, Candid Coral & Fuchsia Fusion
(natural light) Click any picture to Enlarge

LtoR: Tickled Pink, Candid Coral, Fuchsia Fusion, Blushing Rose & Pink Passion (natural light)


This is what E.L.F says:
The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow!

What I say:
These blushes are so soft and they do blend very well. The studio blushes have great pigmentation and have great colors to choose from. I love these blushes so much and want them all. I think there is a blush for everyone in the studio range. The 5 blushes I own from this studio range are not powdery and a little does go a long way so be careful when applying. Out of the 5 blushes I have 1 is Matte and 1 has a little bit of glitter in it. These blushes definatly give you a nice healthy glow and I am so happy I have them in my collection and use them all the time.

Have you any of the Studio Blushes? Which one is your Favourite? Also I would love to know which one you maybe didn't liked?
I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions please just ask. :)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Born Pretty Store Giveaway!

Here are the items you can win if you enter this great giveaway! Born Pretty Store Blog is having there 1 year anniversary giveaway! If you are interested go HERE!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My E.L.F Collection!

Here is all the E.L.F products I have.

I can't believe I have this much e.l.f I want more!!!! :)


Monday, October 17, 2011

Makeup I bought on my trip to Canada!

L to R: 2 Wet N Wild Lipsticks (910C & 917A), 4 L.A Colors Nail Polish, a bronzer from a magazine I bought, 2 Wet N Wild Lipglosses.
Here is just a few items I bought when I was in Canada back in August and I forgot to show you. I will be doing swatches hopefully tomorrow.
The 2 Wet N Wild Lipsticks were on for only 98 cents so I had tyo buy them and I am so glade I did they are great. Keep an eye out for the swatches.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Essence Ballerina Nail polish Swatch!

Sorry I should of cleaned my nails up before I took the pic :)
Here is the only item I bought from the Ballerina Backstage collection from Essence. This is the nail polish in 05 Grand-Plie in Black.
This nail polish caught my eye and I had to buy it as I don't own a nail polish in black with orange sparkles in it. This is a nice nail polish and applies alright. I applied 2 coats without a top coat and it lasted 2 days.
Did you buy anything from this collection? If so what and did you like it?


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dolly Eye Contact Lenses From Uniqso

I first would like to say Thank you so much to Uniqso for sending me these contacts to review for you. If you have never heard or been to Uniqso's site you really should check it out just click HERE! Also I have a 10% off code on my sidebar to your right if you would like to make an order from them. This is a great company and really quick to respond if you have any questions.

The cute packaging
I recieved Dolly Eye - Natural 3 Tones Violet
Dolly Eye - Natural 3 Tones Violet

The lenses up close and these are really comfortable to wear. :)
1 lense in and 1 out :)
A close up of both lenses in
I really like these lenses they are comfortable and they don't enlarge the eye. If you want contact lenses that enlarge then these are not for you, but these are great lenses.

Comfort: 9/10 These lenses are comfortable to wear about after a few hours my eyes started to feel a little dry.
Enlarment: 5/10 These lenses don't really enlarge your eye but I don't mind for these ones. They are a 14.5mm I believe.
Color: 9/10 I am really happy with the color of these on my eyes. I wanted purple contacts that look purple from a little of a distance but not to crazy purple and these are totally perfect. :)

THANKS to UNIQSO for this great oppurtunity and I hope this wasa helpful to everyone who reads this.
If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you real soon.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wet N Wild & Catrice Nail polish and Swatches!

Wet N Wild in Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire & Hannah Pinktana. Catrice in Beam Me Scotty & I Scream Peach
(Natural Light)
(Indoor Light)
  Here is a few of my new nails polishes I have bought with birthday money. The 2 Wet N Wild nail polishes need 4 coats to be perfect. In the picture all the nail polishes are only 2 coats each. I really like these nail polishes and can't wait to use them more.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

So Sorry :(

So sorry I have not been doing any posts for the last week as I have been so busy with friends over here in Ireland from Canada and also I am dealing with a car accident I was in. I am fine and so is everyone else that was involved in the accident. I will hopefully be able to start my posts again tomorrow as I am home now and ready to get back in. Thank you so much for satying with me and I hope you like my posts that are about to come.