Monday, February 14, 2011

My Free Image Plate From Born Pretty Store!!

I got this just over a week ago and so happy with it. This was sent to me for free as a gift and I am very thankful to
I am excited to use it but I need to get all the other items so I can use it.

Did you take advantage of this free offer??
Do you know any where on the internet I can get nail polishes for it and the image plate holder??


  1. Hey Ashley glad you took advantage of this offer... i didn't because I already had the same image plate. I find regular nail polishes that are a bit darker in colour work just as fine with these image plates. As for a holder, I don't use one lol I just place mine on a tissue and hold one end of it while I scrape the excess polish with a scraper. So all you really need are a scraper and a stamper (you can get these at very cheap prices on ebay). Have fun :) xx

  2. I find the actual scrapers arent very good, they tend to scratch the metal of the plate. I use an old blood donor card but any sort of straight plastic would do. All that is special about the konad polish is its a bit thicker so if you have a polish which is going a bit gloopy that will do. But as Lara says just try out your usual polishes :)

  3. I got this stamp too, I really like the clover leaf on it, but i found the edges of the plate quite sharp (unlike Konad which is smooth)
    And yes I agree with Enigma that metal scrapers do scratch plates but I feel this is purely an aesthetic thing as the scratches don't hinder the plate in anyway. :-)

  4. Thank you for the help I will just need to get the stamper then. :)

  5. Hey Ashley I just dropped you an email re the stampers :)