Monday, February 21, 2011

E.L.F's 27 Piece Mini Makeup Collection

It has a great big mirrow
On the Left is the eyeshadows on the right is lipglosses. In the middle is a blush, bronzer, eyeliner pencil and eyebrow color.     
Here is my 27 piece mini makeup collection from e.l.f. I have had this for a while now but I love the eyeshadows and the blush. I only like around 2 of the lip colors. I havn't been using it to much lately but I am going to try and use it more often. This costs £15/17 Euro on the E.L.F's site.
If you think this is something you would use its a great deal and has a great blush.
If you want to see any swatches for it just leave a comment and I will do it for you. :)


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  1. I have this palette, have had it for a year now and really love the colors. Actually finished some of the products because I use it so much!

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair