Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Barry M Berry with Black Instant Nail Effect Over Top!

Here is my first 2 new Barry M nail polishes together. Sorry I was wearing this for 2 days already but before it got really bad I remembered I didn't take a picture of this yet. I think you get the picture LOL :)
I love both of these. Next time I wear Barry M Berry on its own Ill take a picture as I want to wear it on its own because its gorgeous.
I would love more nail polish from this company but I have to drive far to get it so it will be a treat once and a while. :)
Have you tried Barry M nail paint what do you think? What colors do you recommend?



  1. I really like the Barry M nail effects polish I think it looks pretty cool :p

    I like Barry M polishes, all the colours are gorgeous! One of my favorites is called Flamingo (I think)!


  2. thanx ill have to look for that polish :)