Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Haul From Boots!

LtoR: Accessorize nail polish, nail polish remover, Barry M nail paint in Berry and Black Instant Effect, Revlon PhotoReady Foundation.
Also got this gorgeous ring for only 1.25 euro instead of  8 euro.
Here is just a few items I picked up from Boots. I was so HAPPY that Boots had the Instant Nail Effect in Black from Barry M because were I live Boots doesn't care Barry M. It was the last one too so I quickly grabbed it. :) I also thought since I have never tried a normal nail polish from Barry M I grabbed the color Berry as well. It is gorgeous I will put a picture up of them both together. The accessorize nail polish is a gorgeous duo look. In some light it looks green and then you turn your hand a little and it looks purple. It really is gorgeous. I will put a swatch of that up soon too.


  1. Cute ring!

    Charlene xxxx

  2. OH WOW!! i LOVE that ring it is gorgeous, where is it from?? xxx

  3. Thanxs ladies and this ring was bought in a pharmacy called Boots!

  4. The ring is so cute :)


  5. Very cute ring!