Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Borghese Mini Nail Polish Swatches!

I got these lovely nail polishes from Kimberly from Libby's Pink Vanity
I have a coat of Pearl from E.L.F under all. Sorry the black one got chipped :(

Here are the 4 mini Borghese nail polish I won from Kimberly. I have 1 coat of Pearl from e.l.f under the 2 coats of each color. These are gorgeous. I really would love to try more from this company. I can't wait to use these more.

Thanx Kimberly


  1. hey,
    wow i like the bottle and colours, i was looking into these nail polish,but never find them, where did you get them, i'd like to try em. x

  2. The red one looks fab ;) btw I just posted your package today :) xx

  3. the bottles are too cute!! :)

  4. @lipstickgyal I won these from a wonderful lady I follow named kimberly of Libbys Pink Vanity. She lives in the States.
    @Lara the red one is fab i love it. :)
    @Jess the bottles are cute aren't they they are so small. :)

  5. thanks, hey follow my blog if you like, bye x

  6. @lipstickgyal whats your blog address. I click on your name and it says profile not available.

  7. I like the black coloured one :)