Sunday, January 16, 2011

My New Hair Color!

I have been wanting to dye my hair a red color for a few months now and I tried 3 months ago but it didn't turn out the red color I wanted so I waited 2 months and then I got this hair dye and thought I hope this is the color I want. Well at first I was like oh no its so dark. Then I saw during the day it is a nice red color in the sun. I can say I like this color but when Im inside the color looks to dark on me. When I am in the sun I love the color. I still like it but it didn't turn out what I was hoping for. The color is Natural Medium Mahogany Brown by Nice and Easy. I never tried this hair dye before and I can say I do like it and It doesn't stink. This hair dye comes with a pair of gloves the dye and a 6 week conditioner which is awesome and it cost me 6.99 euro.
I like this hair dye and think I might use it again will see. :)

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