Sunday, January 9, 2011

George Makeup at ASDA

At ASDA they have a clothing company called George who now have makeup and I thought I would try some. I started with these 5 pigments. These are roll on pigments. They were on sale for £1 each so I thought I would try them out for such a cheap price.. They are normaly priced at £2.50 each I believe. The colors are so pretty. There was another color I didn't pick up but I think I might, it is the white one. I don't really like the roll on so I am going to be taking the roller out. The swatches are dry swatches I just used the roller and rolled the color on. I am going to try them with a wet brush when I apply them. I am going to do a review on these if I can remember after I haved used them a little more. All I can say is the colors are really pretty and I think they would be gorgeous applyed with a wet brush. If you have tried any makeup from George please let me know what you think. THANX
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