Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 11th E.L.F order with the Makeup Mist and Set free!

Left to Right: Natural Palette(Limited Edition), Super Glossy in Candlelight, Makeup Mist and Set, Tone Correction Concealer in Ivory, Zit Zapper, Pressed Powder in package is Light Beige, Open one is Ivory, Red Velvet, Cranberry, Dessert Haze, Dual pencil Sharpener, Studio Eyeshadow C Brush, Studio Blush Brush, Shimmer Eyeliner in Twinkle Teal and Plum Passion{click on pics to see larger}
Left to Right: Red Velvet, Cranberry, & Dessert Haze

Left to Right: Red Velvet, Cranberry, Dessert Haze

Left to Right: Candlelight, Natural Palette (left to right top to bottom), Twinkle Teal and Plum Passion Swatches
 This is my 11th order from E.L.F I am so happy with all the items I got. I was so excited for this package as I got the Makeup Mist and Set for free, free shipping, the natural palette 25% off so it was only £2.60 and the desert haze for 33% off so it was only £1 and those are great deals all in one. Wow I have been wanting to get red velvet nail polish for so long it is a gorgeous red. The twinkle teal and plum passion eyeliner pencils I have wanted since they came out. The natural palette is gorgeous I am so happy I got this I wish I got the other palette too. I might have to look into seeing if I can get one from eBay or something I really want it. I am so excited to use my new brushes too. They are so soft and don't shed any hair as I have washed them and they are so awesome. I am so excited about the zit zapper as well as I had heard good things about it. I have put it on 2 times now and can't wait to see how well it works. I will do a review on this in 2 weeks time after I use it a bit and see how well or not well it works. I can say this so far I love how its in a clear package so you can see how much product you have left and i love how there is a roller ball to roll the product onto your face. So excited to use alot of my products tomorrow as I am going out. :)
 Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope this was helpful. Have a good weekend as I won't be able to do a post till Monday. Thanx to e.l.f for such great products and great promotions.


  1. I love what you got, I also received my brown box this week, but exams are depriving me from doing posts ugh. I can't wait for elf's 20% off :D So excited about that :D:D

  2. hi im following, love your blog, its really interesting please follow back, ill be doing a give-away in the next few days xxx

  3. @Dyna I love getting my brown boxes. Ya I am waiting for the 20% off the entire site. Im so excited. :)

    @Charlotte Thanx I am happy you like my blog and find it interesting. I will check out your blog right now.:)

  4. Hi! I can't wait for my brown box to get here! :)
    I have recently set up my
    own blog and i would be really grateful if you could follow it to help me get my blog more known :) Thanks alot
    Daisy x

  5. @Daisypops ya i will check out your blog i hope you are following my blog now too. Yes brown boxes are awesome to get. :) thanx ~Ashley~

  6. Hey I love this haul, if you can do a review on the elf spray mist and set as I'm really thinking about getting it :) Thanks.

    Charlene xxxx

  7. Oh thanx, Ya I am going to be doing a review on the makeup mist and set soon I hope. :)