Monday, March 28, 2011

Small Penneys Haul!

I love the black sweater it was only 2 euro and the pink shirt was 2 euro too.

The headbands are from pennys but the W7 nail polish and mascara are from a pharmacy

I love this headband.

Here is just a few things I picked up when I took my sister in law who just turned 13 shopping. I bought her 2 pairs of cute shoes but those were for her birthday and never took a picture of them. I love hair accessories from Penney's(Primark) and I always have to go look and see what they have and I always end picking up a few items every time. The black sweater and pink shirt look nice together too. I love finding deals :)

Do you like Penney's or Primark and if so what kind of items do you like to pick up from there?


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