Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eyelashes to Try!

These are samples for me to try
Close up of the ESA009
Close up of the ESA29

I have had these eyelashes for a few days now and have been meaning to do this blog. I can't do a review just yet as I have to buy some eyelash glue. A BIG THANK YOU to http://kkcenterhk.com/ for sending me these samples to try out and I can't wait to use them.
For the ESA009 I like these as they feel alright and look quite natural. You get 10 pairs for $4.97 that is a great deal. I can't wait to use these! If you like the look of these and want a good deal here is the link: http://www.kkcenterhk.com/p2495/ES-Brand-Full-Criss-Cross-False-Fake-Lashes/product_info.html

For the ESA29 I love the look of these. They feel alright too and will add a great effect to some makeup looks I want to create. You get 10 pairs for $4.66 another great deal. I am really happy to get to try these as I would buy these again such a great price. If you love these as I do here is the link: http://www.kkcenterhk.com/p2500/ES-Brand-10-Pairs-Black-Criss-Cross-Fake-Lashes/product_info.html

This is not a review but to show them and to tell you my thought about them by just looking and touching them. I will be doing a review on them once I try these out and see how they work.So keep your eye out for the review on these. I just ran out of eyelash glue and need to get some more.I really think you should check these out and all there other great deals on there site as they have so many great looking eyelashes. I would love to try so many more of these and other items from there site.

Have you ever bought anything from this company? If you did what did you buy and what did you think?


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