Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fashioned in Finland's April Giveaway!

What you can win if you enter:

  • essence nail art magnet
  • essence nail art magnet nail polish 05 pixie dust
  • essence nail art magnet nail polish 03 magic wand
  • essence nail art magnet nail polish 02 hex hex!
  • essence mini lipgloss set 01 devil's love & kisses
  • essence mini lipgloss set 02 angel's kisses in heaven
  • essence fairytale eyeshadow 01 tinka's dress
  • essence fairytale eyeshadow 02 welcome to wondwerland
  • essence fairytale eyeshadow 03 humpty dumpty 

If you are interested in these products just go to Fashioned in Finland's wonderful blog HERE and enter your details on the form. Ends the begining of May. Its an international giveaway!!

All the Best

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  1. Oooh its that elusive polish, thanks for the heads up! x