Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Earrings!

New earrings I picked up from the Dunnes store here in Ireland.
These bird earrings are my favorite earrings right now I LOVE them.
Here is a little haul of some earrings I picked up at Dunnes here in Ireland a week ago. I love these earrings but the bird earrings are my favorite. I am so into bird jewelery lately. The next item with a bird on it that I want to get is a headband. I hope I can find one.

Do you like bird jewelery and if so what do you have with birds on it?




  1. I have swallow earrings that are just like yours but than in gold and a matching necklace! Super cute

  2. Yes I love to wear bird earrings.I don't have bird earrings but I have scorpion earrings.

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