Wednesday, November 3, 2010

E.L.F's Smokey Brown nail polish

Here is the very popular nail polish by e.l.f its Smokey Brown. The reason why I say very popular is because when the UK site got this nail polish it went so fast and then everyone who was waiting for it waited and when it came back it sold out very fast again. I am glad I picked this nail polish up. I have seen a few swatches and wanted to get it. I waited and then when it came in I snatched it up. I am glad I got it. When I first put it on I was like this is going to take some time to get use to because its not a color I normally wear. After about an hour I really liked this color on my nails.

If you haven't got this nail polish its a great color to have in your collection. If you like this color it will be back in stock early december in the UK site.
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THANX for reading I hope this helped.


  1. I'm happy I got this colour too! It's different from my usual polishes (reds, pinks, etc) but it's so pretty! I think it's my favorite for fall-winter

  2. Yes I am really happy too. I think it is one of my favs for fall-winter too. :)