Friday, November 5, 2010

Makeup Academy Eyeshadows (M.U.A)

I did this picture to show you the size of them. Hope this helps. :)

Here are 3 eyeshadows I picked up. I have never bought eyeshadows from this company only lipglosses and a pigment. All the products from this company only cost £1 WOW!!!
When I first saw this little stand in superdrug I was like wow £1 for everything. So I started with 3 lipglosses and a pigment, I was happy with everything so when I went back I purchased these 3 eyeshadows and I am really happy with the pigmentation they have. The stay power is alright and the size of the eyeshadows is great. If this is in a superdrug near you I think you should try these 3 out for sure.
I hope this was helpful. THANX for taking the time to read.

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