Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10th e.l.f order swatches and closer views.

This is the 100 piece palette. The colors in this palette are gorgeous. I can't wait to use it!! If you want to see the pictures bigger just click on them :)
L to R: Metal Madness,Party Purple and Golden Goddess

Here is the swatches of the nail polishes and a close up picture of the 100 piece palette. The nail polishes are really nice I am so happy I got these.The swatches of the nail polishes are 2 coats each.
The palette is in a really nice black case that snaps closed and I tryed 3 colors and they were very pigmented. I am happy about that. I will do a review on the palette in a week or two when I have used it and played around with it.
The palette is £15 and the nail polishes are £1.50 each. If you like what you see go to (UK and Europe) (USA and Canada)
THANX hope this is helpful


  1. The palette looks amazing :) I also like the nail colors that you got especially the party purple :)

  2. The palette is amazing I relly like it, and yes party purple is gorgeous.

  3. Love all the colours especially the purple! please follow me

  4. Thanx Rohini Sood I will check out your blog!