Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review on E.L.F 's Eyelash Curler & Studio Mascara

Here is a Review I have been meaning to do for a while now. I have had these 2 products for a few weeks and really want to tell you what I think about them. -I am going to start with the eyelash curler. When I first got it I was like wow this is going to be so different to what I am use to. My old eyelash curler doesn't have a spring in it. When I went to try this out I was so careful when pulling the curler together on my eyelashes but WOW this is a great eyelash curler. It really does a good job and is easy to use. I like the spring in it. I wasn't so sure of the spring at first but I really recommend this eyelash curler. The other awesome thing about this is that is comes with an extra silicone rubber pad. This eyelash curler really help to curl the lashes. Also its only £1.50 that is a great price.
-The next product is the Waterproof Lengthening And Volumising Mascara. I have been wanting to try this out for so long but for some reason just kept putting it off. So i decide to give it a go. When I first saw this mascara I was like wow this has a huge handle on it. You don't get a lot of product but you are getting a great product that you don't have to put much of it on and it gives me great looking lashes and its so affordale at £3.50. It stayes on all day so the waterproof works well. It makes my lashes look very long and full so it is a great mascara.
-If you are interested in these products go to for the UK & Europe and for U.S.A & Canada

THANX ~Ashley~

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