Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Special Lens Contact Review ( GEO Nudy Pink)

Nudy Pink Contacts From Special Lens
The 2 pairs of lenses Special Lens sent me to review
Top to Bottom: GEO Nudy Pink & GEO Annex Golden Brown
Annex  Golden Brown:   
The Case they are in

Wind was blowing my hair around (hehehe)

Special Lens sent me these 2 contacts to try and review. So I started with the Nudy pink lenses as they looked really neat and I couldn't wait to see them on my eyes.



Base Curve:
Water % of Content:38%

Lens Type:
1 year.
Geo Medical

What I think: I love the color of these all the people that seen me wear these thought they looked more purple then pink. These are pretty comfortable I had to put drops in my eyes after wearing them for about 4 hours as my eyes started to feel dry. I really like these contacts and can't wait to wear them more. For pink lenses these look more natural then my other pink ones as the black ring on the outside of the contact is much smaller, these pink lenses blend well with my medium /dark brown eyes. The enlargement is subtle on my eyes but I really like that. So if you are looking for a lens that is a nice color and more natural looking for a pink lens these are good but you will need drops as they start to dry out after 4 hours.

Thank you to Special Lens for this great opportunity.  Also I will be reviewing the brown lenses in the next few days.


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