Friday, July 8, 2011

A Haul Of A Few Items(Rimmel, Eyeko, Essence, W7, Collection 2000)

LtoR:Rimmel items in Orange Bliss,Intense, Suede
LtoR: Collection 2000 in Lustrous, W7 blush in Baby Pink, Essence Lipgloss in My Favorite Milkshake, 3 eyeko Liptastik in Loudmouth, Hot Lips and Lip Lover
(Natural Light)
LtoR: Eyeko Liptastik in Loudmouth, Hot Lips, and Lip Lover (natural light)
W7 Blush in Baby Pink, Essence lipgloss in My favorite milkshake, Collection 2000 in Lustrous (Natural Light)

 Here is a Haul of a few items I purchased last weekend. I have been wanting to try the W7 blush for a few months now and I am happy I got it, It was only 3 euro. The Collection 2000 pigment was only 1 euro and I just had to get it to try a pigment from Collection 2000 as I have never tried Collection 2000 pigments and for 1 euro it was a great deal. The Essence lipgloss is kind of new and I had to buy  it the color is very subtle so I bought another color to which is more pigmented. That will be in my next haul. The 3 eyeko lipsticks I got from T K MAX. I got all 3 for 7 euro which is a great deal. I really like these the color is so pigmented and lasts a long time and also is so smooth to put on.
The 3 Rimmel item my husband bought me from Heatons for 5 euro for all 3. I love the nail polish. He bought me this pack of 3 items because he knows I have been looking for a coral orange nail polish. Awww he is so sweet.

I hope to do a review on some of these items real soon.



  1. Those eyeko lip pencils look great!

    Your layout is really pretty.
    I'm a new follower & love your blog!
    Jade By The Sea

  2. @Jade The eyeko lip pencils are really good I love them. They last a long time on my lips.
    Thank you for following me and thank you for that nice comment it makes me smile. :)