Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Little Haul and NOTD

Essence metal glam eyeliner in 04 Techno Girl, Lipgloss in 03 Candy Bar, nail polish in 64 Trendsetter, holografics nail polish in 03 Blue Ray
Sorry to show you my new underwear I just thought they are so cute. They were 50 cent each.

I got these skinny jeans from Pennys (Primark) 3 euro

03 Blue Ray, and 64 Trendsetter
03 Blue Ray (flash)

(natural light)

Here is a quick small haul of a few items I bought last weekend.I don't have swatches of the green nail polish, eyeliner and the lipgloss. I will be doing a nail of the day with the other nail polish.The lipgloss I have 2 of the colors from the Stay with me lipgloss collection so I will do a post on those 2 lipglosses real soon.

The NOTD is a gorgeous blue/purple. Its from the Essence Collection called To me this is more of a duo color nail polish not a holografics one. I only got this nail polish from this collection as I wasn't wowed by the rest of the collection. This nail polish is a very gorgeous color. The stay power is all right to.


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