Monday, October 4, 2010

Products I have bought in the last few weeks!

Here are a some items I have bought over the last few weeks. I took this picture with my new camera and I also took it so I remember which items I need to talk about on youtube. I wanted to put this up to let you know I will be doing a video on youtube about them real soon. I will post the link to that video on here when it is uploaded. I love all these products and can do a review on any item if you have any requests for me to talk about any of these products please leave a comment below and I will get that done.

A few things I would like to say is wow have i become a little in love with W7 products. I found them in a pharmacy in Sligo and the parmacy is called Cara Pharmacy. I also got a few nail polishes which i already did a blog about a little while ago. The W7 nail polishes are amazing. So if you are interested in looking at that blog its called New Nail polishes. Anyway all these new items i bought are great for the price the items start as low as 99 cent and go to 2.99 euro. I am missing a few items in the picture but when i do the video i will put the link to the video on this blog so you can watch it. Thanx

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