Thursday, October 14, 2010

New E.L.F Lipsticks!

Left to right on both pics:Gypsy, Classy and Seductive

Here are 3 of the new e.l.f lipsticks from the basic line.

To start off when I saw the colors for the first time i was like wow those colors are so not what i was expecting. :) But when I swatched then and then put them on my lips I actually liked the colors on me. Which is great. They are so moisturizing when you put them on. I am really happy I bought these and will be wearing them alot. The packaging is not the best but i do like how when the lid is on you can see the product. So I would have to say out of 5 i would give this good product a 4.5 because they are moisturizing, the smell is all right, they are totally affordable and the color lasts for a good long time. The only thing is the packing is a little to cheap looking and feeling. I really say that if you have not picked up any of these you should they are great.


  1. I have the seductive and the gyspy and i didn't like them at all... I was so dissapointed..

  2. I got a couple of them and yeah they are alright. Its the packaging I think that lets them down though :)

  3. Oh really. I was not to happy with the seductive one but I love classy and gypsy. They stay on for a long time i like that. Ya the packing does let them down a little.