Friday, November 4, 2011


Here is a quick nail of the day.
MUA Nail Polish in Shade 13 (no flash)

(flash) Sorry nails are chipping a bit this is on the 2nd day wear :)

This is a gorgeous color and applies well and also lasta a good long time too. I really like this color and can't wait to wear it more.



  1. Hi Ashley, that is a gorgeous colour! I was waiting for somebody to try out the MUA nail varnishes, I picked up a blue crackle one a few weeks back in Superdrug (the nearest Superdrug to me is in Limerick and I am based in Cork at the moment) and the MUA stand was so poorly stocked last time i was in :-( Do you have many colours? x

  2. Hi Aisling,
    Ya the nearest superdrug to me is around 1 hour and 40 mins in Enniskillen. I am from roscommon area. I actually won 2 colors from a ladies blog and thats all I have. I will be blogging about the other color real soon. :) Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.