Thursday, April 21, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish From Essence!

Here is the color I got to try
Sorry for the short nails and sores on my fingers as I have been doing a lot of gardening :)
All pictures were taken in natural day light.

Okay I have been looking for this for so long now as its hard to find Essence makeup displays that are up to date. They only had this color left. So i love the color and when it works it looks really neat on my nails. You can make 3 different designs up and down, sideways and at a slant. I can't seem to get the up and down look to work and you really have to put the magnet so close to your nails and hold it for 40 seconds to make it work ( if you look at my pointer finger thats not putting the magnet close enough). Also you put a quick layer of nail polish on and really fast you have to get the magnet over top and close but don't put to much nail polish on and not to little. This is a really neat nail polish and the color is gorgeous but its tricky to use at first but with a few tries you will get it. The stay power is not to great about 2 days. I am happy I got it and was able to try it. I do love the color of the nail polish. Well I hope this was helpful and thanks for reading.



  1. I bought this shade a while ago. Can't believe I never tried it!! Should do it asap, looks great on you

  2. Wow never heard of such a nail polish before, it's so cool!! I love the color too! ;) x