Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GEO Blue BS-202 Contact Lenses!(Loads of Pics & Review)

Here is how my lovely lenses came.(Click on the pics to make bigger)
Here are what the lenses look like
Me with my contacts in.
All these pics are in natural daylight.

Looking up
Here I am with 1 in and 1 out so you can see how they change my eye.

Okay how should I start this.... I have been wanting to try contacts for years now and I am so happy Karyan from gave me this opportunity to try a pair out and review it. I love these and want more colors to try out. These make my eyes look so much bigger like doll eyes and are comfortable to wear. I was hoping they would make my eyes more blue but I still like them and can't wait to try some that change my eye color more drastically. I have fairly dark brown eyes and can't wait to try green ones, grey ones and another blue pair. This is the first time I have ever worn lenses and it took me a few tries to get them in but when they are in they don't bother my eyes at all. These lenses are thin and feel good when I wear them and I love how they make my eyes look so big. 

This online site its a great place to get contacts as the prices are really good and they have Free WorldWide Shipping. Karyan is really helpful and kind and answered any question I had.So Thank you so much Karyan for everything.
I am already making a list of all the ones I would love to try.If you are interested in check this site out go to
Also if you haven't seen I have a discount code for all my lovely followers to get 10% off your order just put the code: ASHLEYTIERNAN

THANX to Karyan and for this great opportunity to try and review these contacts.

Have you ever tried contacts and if so from where and what color? Also what colors would you like to try?



  1. Go you for getting the lenses in! :D Heavens knows it took me 2 days and plenty of red eyes to get used to wearing them in my case. Nowadays I buy dailies and wear them whenever I go out. I've never actually tried coloured lenses, mainly because I like the colour of my eyes as they are but it feels great to not wear my glasses every once in a while.

    You look so cute with those lenses ^^

  2. @ Cherise Thanx. I was so happy I got them in really easily as well. Thank you these lenses are great i want to try more :)

  3. Now that I see how they look on a Caucasian eye I'm willing to try them. I have some blue and purple lens I wear. Before, Lasiks, I had all colors of contacts. They were accessories just like jewelry.

  4. Hey thats great about getting them in, when I got contacts it took me ages to get them in! Used to them now though so nice and easy :)

  5. These look so beautiful on you :)

    Xoxo Christine

  6. @ Shirley yes they are really cool.
    @ Kimberly yes I want more contacts they would be like accessories LOL
    @ Enigma I was so determined to get them in a.s.a.p so i could review them for the company.
    @ Christine awww thank