Monday, August 9, 2010

Natural Collection eyeshadows!

Left to right top to bottom: Barley, White Opal, Willow, Astroid, Moonshine, CandyFloss, Sky, Aqua Shimmer, Mermaid, Spring Green, Lilac Shimmer.

Here is my Natural Collection single eyeshadows. I couldn't believe how cheap these eyeshadows were so I bought all of the colors I liked. I bought these a while ago I think they were under 3 euro each. I think they have some new ones I am not 100% sure about that I am going to have to go to boots and have a look. I really like a few of these but some of them are not very pigmented. If anyone is interested in swatches for any of the colors please just leave a comment and I will do the swatches. You can get these eyeshadows from most boots.

The colors I am happy with and use alot are: Barley, White Opal(I use this alot in the corner of my eyes), Willow, Astroid, and Aqua Shimmer.
Thanx for having a look and reading I hope this was helpful and leave a comment if you have any questions. :) ASHLEY