Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My New E.L.F Products!

Here are 3 products that e.l.f sent me to try and give a review on so I am going to do that. Just because these products were given to me to try I am still going to give a honest opinion. I have had these products for 5 days I have used them all. The Tickled Pink Blush from the studio line I am so happy with. I have used it 3 times since i got it and i love the color so much. Its such a soft color but you can build it up if you want to make it brighter. I have very pale skin and it looks great on me. If you have tried the natural radience blushers from the basic line those blushes i love as well but they are very powdery. The studio blushes are not powdery they are perfect. I really am happy with the tickled pink blush and I really want to get more of the studio blushes now. The packaging looks so profectional and sleek. Now onto the other 2 products the Minty Lip Gloss in Miami and the Mineral Booster in Shimmer. The Minty Lip Gloss is Miami is such a nice color not to pigmented though. It smells like mint so if you don't like mint you won't like these. I absolutley love the mint smell and it reminds me of the smell of the plumping lip glazes from the basic line. The taste of the lig gloss is alright i have had way worse. It kind of tastes like mint which isn't to bad. I like this product and want to try others colors because i would like one with more color to it. Now the mineral booster in shimmer is good but i need more coverage then just it. I think I might not know how to use it quite right. I saw a girl use it over top of the mineral booster in tinted and it made a nice noticable difference to her skin.I might have to use the 2 together to make it work not sure. To me I think its okay but I need more coverage because of my skin problems. If anyone has any advice to me on how to use the product to make it better let me know. Thank you. I hope this was helpful to everyone that reads this. Thank you to E.L.F for giving me the opportunity to try some of there products and give a honest opinion. I am so thankful. I really want to get E.L.F known better in Ireland. ~Ashley~


  1. Ashley, I tagged you in the 4 things tag post..check it out and ee if you're up to it :) xxx

  2. oh okay i will check that out THANX

  3. Hi!

    The booster is not for coverage at all. It's a setting powder to use over your foundation ;) I use it over my regular foundation, and it makes my face look younger because it makes the small lines round my face fade away. Its also good to make any oily shine go away