Friday, May 18, 2012

Where I Have Been!

Hi all my lovely followers I am so Sorry for not doing to many post this month as I have been so busy with everything in my life. My husband started a Photography business and that is keeping him and I busy. Also we had to find a new place to live so we have a room for a office. We found a really nice house and I can't wait to move. Its a gorgeous house. We won't be moving till July 1st but we got the keys and are going to do some painting. I also have been trying to save money for a trip back home to Canada for my brothers wedding in September. I am so excited for that. Busy me but I have some blog posts coming up so please don't stop following my blog. I am so thankful to have over 200 followers and I really can't wait to be doing my blogs again. I hope I can get a post up for Monday.

Also is there anything you would like to see in my blog or my youtube videos?


Awww so cute :)

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