Thursday, March 1, 2012

My MUA Little Haul

Here is a small MUA haul. MY husband actually picked these few items up for me.
I also have a MUA package coming in the mail with some of the Love Hearts collection in it so keep an eye out for that. :) Would you like to see my MUA collection I have??

LtoR  Top to Bottom: Nail Polish in Shade 9, eyeshado in shade 12 and 31, Lipstick in shade 5 eyeshadows in shade 8 and 18

Shade 12, 31, 8 and 18
Shade 12 is so amazing I love it. When you look at it straight on it looks grey with a green tint but it a gorgeous grownish color. Love it :)

If you love MUA let me know what you like from them!!!



  1. we got the same nail polish haha :D

  2. I love their lipsticks... Shade 3 (hot pink) and shade 13 (Cherry red). They stay on even while drinking. I love their eye primer, It's really does it's job.

  3. @Rania I love there lipsticks too I have shade 5,7, 9,13 and 15.

    @Dyna HAHA ya its a nice polish :)

  4. I love the eyeshadow pearl shade 2 for a highlighter,seriously it's brilliant I love it to add a glow to my cheeks :)


  5. Ive ordered shade 9 too...! =D