Monday, August 1, 2011

NOTD NUBAR Rasberry Truffle and some News!!


(Natural Light)

Here is a quick nail of the day of a new nail polish I bought a week ago. This is my first Nubar nail polish and I love it. It applies nice, dries quickly and last a good amount of time.  I tried to get the true color of the nail polish but it was had its a gorgeous deep deep red with like a rasberry colored glitter. This nail polish is so pretty in the sunlight.

I will be going to Canada in 3 days for 3 weeks and ill be very busy while I am there. I am going to help my mom after her surgury. I am hoping I can get on my blog a bit while I am there and I will let you know how I am and when I buy things there I will try and do some haul blogs. I hope I can take some nice pictures of where I am and put them on here. So please keep following me as I know I havn't been on my blog to much as I am getting ready to leave and I will be trying my best to keep up on my blog while I am gone.

ALSO: My blog is 1 year old as of a few days ago so thank you so much to all of you lovely followers for staying with me and following me. I love to read your comments and try my best to do good  reviews to help you out. I hope you keep following as I am so happy to have you all.


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