Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swatches of my new e.l.f nail polishes!

Here is the swatch for Pearl (sorry my nails are so short) :)
Here are the swatches for Punk Purple and Hot Pink

Here are the swatches for Fire Coral, Moonlight, Fluorescent Pink and Dark Navy

Left to right: Punk Purple, Pearl, Hot Pink, Dark Navy,Fluorescent Pink,Moonlight & Fire Coral

Here are the swatches from my new nail polishes i got from my 7th order. I love them all. I hope this is helpful. Also I love the fake drop on the pearl nail polish and wish they were on them all. You could take it off if you didn't like it. E.L.F UK has now just got 2 new nail polishes. Mango Madness and Passion Pink. I really want to get both of the new colors. Want to check them out go here:
Thank you for having a look.

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